Our Mission

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Our mission

We are an alliance of local practices entrusted to secure sustainable, consistent, high quality general practice for North Manchester. Our mission is to protect, develop and innovate general practice. Our aim is to put patients and practices at the heart of local, integrated community services. We will operate in a transparent way through working in partnership with patients, practices, commissioners and other providers.
Our vision.

  • We will be trusted by our patients.
  • We will have effective relationship with other parts of the heath and social care system through working in partnership.
  • We will be the trusted credible voice of our practices.
  • We will protect, enhance and develop general practice as independent providers.
  • We will be trusted by our shareholding practices.
  • We will provide patient centred services driven by innovation and collaboration.
  • We will support practices to be sustainable for the benefit of patient care.
  • We will promote innovation and change in general practice and beyond.


Our Values

To act in a way that promotes the heath and wellbeing of our communities.
• To work in partnership with patients and carers to empower them to make decisions about their health and wellbeing.
• To build partnerships with other providers, commissioners and partners.
• To be open, transparent and honest.
• To act on behalf of all practices.
• To invest earnings back into achieving our vision.
• To value existing and potential workforce.
• To make general practice an attractive place to work.



    Getting In Touch

    0161 2303035


    Victoria Mill, 10 Lower Vickers Street, Miles Platting, Manchester M40 7LH

    Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm